Chicken coop -Who we are?

Our company was founded in 2015 in Magura-Bacau.

We began from the desire to make 100% authentic durable products according to the requirements and needs of the European customer.

We are a young, enthusiastic team, focused on respect to nature

We try to combine in the most efficient way the latest technologies (machines with numerical CNC control, laser engraving and cutting).

Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality products with a longer-term guarantee and offering the fastest delivery.

Chicken coop engineers are attending constant training classes.

So we can provide our customers with easy to assemble products with modern joining techniques .

With various accessories to extend the wood life which is very valuable to us.

We only use dried wood grade A, the cuts are computerized, and the gluing is made only using waterproof adhesives D4.

The screws and threaded accessories used by us are galvanized.

Our team is characterized by professionalism and we are open to suggestions and information about products.

For quality or any information that can help you chose one of our products,

Do not hesitate to contact us by using the contact form, our mail - or phone number.

Our story

Our story started in 2015, with a team of carpenters and wood lovers, who owned a small factory.

Being nature lovers and chicken breeders, we soon realized that the domestic market of hencoops was invaded by low quality products .

We have decided to design our own hencoop and to make it with high quality materials and thick superior panels.

From Romanian sustainable sources, all in the benefit and comfort of our chickens.

Chicken coop -we start selling and we received positive feedback from our customers.

They appreciated the high quality, the design and the attention to detail.

For us, the aesthetic aspect is just as important as the practical one and we tried to create a beautiful product.

Easy to integrate even in the yard of the most demanding customer.

We sell our products to a large category of people:

-from young families who acquire a modern product that fits in their garden

-to grandparents who purchase a more classic hencoop for their chickens.

We know how important is for a family to enjoy high quality eggs from their own production.

We strive to offer the necessary comfort for maximum productivity, as well as easy maintenance on the coop.

We are committed to offer our customers a durable, impeccable and beautiful product that can be easily fitted in a modern or classic garden.