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Solar Food Dryer (Dehydrator) “Lina”


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The solar dehydrator for fruit and vegetables “Lina” is a natural solar dryer made of wood that works with  streams of hot air circulating into the drying through and over the aliments.

It is the most efficient and healthy method of drying vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, aromatic plants, salted fish, etc

Out of stock



The dehydrator is made of 12 mm laminated birch plywood exterior gluing bonding bfu 100.


The vegetable dryer is three times efficient. First of all, the products inside the dehydrator are directly affected by the sun. The roof is provided with ultraclear pvc wih UV (similar to one used for terraces).


The second decisive factor for the efficiency of the dehydrator is the radiator located in front, the one with two ventilation wheels situated at the bottom. The vents must be open during the day to force the air to pass through the radiator  mesh grilles. Together with the other vents at the top of the dryer, it forms a warm air flow from the bottom up which leads to a quick drying.


The third factor is the perforated stainless steel drawers that get very warm and release the heat directly on fruits or vegetables.[product-gallery]/5


The dryer  comes packaged in 3 individual packages and is made of easily assembled panels. Each panel is designed to complement the next panel. The pieces will be formed following the assembly sketch, without screws or other tools. Everything was designed by the engineers for a very fast assembly – in 5 minutes

You understand the abundance that comes during harvest season can be overwhelming. Instead of frantically searching for friends who will take away your fresh tomatoes or spending hours over a hot stove on a humid summer day making hundreds of canned tomato sauce, a solar dehydrator might be an option for you. One of the easiest ways to preserve food is through dehydrating.

Instead of relying on expensive electric dehydrators that use huge amounts of electricity, a solar dehydrator can preserve large amounts of food with nothing but an innovative design to capture the sun´s energy.


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