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Dumbrava Premium chicken coop with extra gates


Chicken cage, suitable for one week old chickens. The Dumbrava cottage welcomes customers who have small chickens, ducklings or who want to separate certain categories of chickens or hens.


Chicken coop:

ALL OUR HOUSES ARE EQUIPPED WITH TRANSPARENT GLASS FIBER ROOF! It is mounted over the wooden roof, so all the beauty of the wood fiber remains visible!

Dumbrava with extra gates is the same bird cage as Dumbrava premium with the net in the lower part that you can find here

The difference from the classic Dumbrava bird cage is the endowment with two extra doors at the bottom, and the net disappears. Also the chicken cage has the other two complete wooden sides from top to bottom.

Thus designed has several advantages:

-the place under the drawer, the one with the two doors added extra, can be used for various uses, like a mother hen, ducklings-they can enter easily due to the doors that open towards the ground

-grain storage place -place of separation of certain breeds of chickens Manufacturer’s price! It is part of our premium range and is made of layered birch.

The chicken coop consists of easily assembled panels in just two minutes.

The thickness of the panel is 12mm, and the capacity of the cage is 12-14 laying hens, including the 3 nesting places in the nest.

The roof of the nest is foldable, facilitates the collection of eggs from the outside without disturbing the chickens and with a minimum of effort.

Exterior dimensions – Length 1069mm, Width 1140mm, Height 1483

These are the dimensions without the nest placed in the back.

Side nest dimensions – Length 968mm, Width 431 mm, Height 462 mm.

So the total length with the nest is 1069 + 431 = 1500mm. Interior dimensions Length 985 Width 939 Height 931 .

These are the interior dimensions of the hut, respectively the place where the hens will sit without the nest.

Interior nest dimensions – Length 873, Width347, Height 411. Benefits Mechanical – the panels are more resistant, ease of assembly. Total thickness 12mm!

Better thermal and acoustic insulation leads to higher egg production. Easier to maintain – facilitates the sanitation of the cottage inside, practically the cottage can be washed.

The chicken cage is cut with high-performance CNC type equipment, the cutting being assisted and performed by computer, thus eliminating any errors.

The product is perfect in terms of cuts. Perfect cuts = longer life by reducing possible infiltrations. Our premium class of logs combines the beauty of laminated wood, its durability with computer technology and cutting.

For this reason we offer an extended warranty for 2 years! Chicken coop – can also be used to raise chickens.

Due to the massive panels from which it is made, the cottage has a great advantage over the classic wooden or paneling cottages, any lice have no place to hide.

The cottage has an extraction drawer for chicken, elegant cleaning and maintenance.

We recommend varnishing the panels both inside and outside with water-based varnish, so you will have a cottage that you will enjoy for a very long time, plus you can clean it very easily.

The chicken coop is of the best quality and offers your chickens maximum comfort!


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