Goose-duck cottage

Duck-goose hut is made of layered birch material, resistant to moisture, water, frost, very high thermal density.

ALL OUR COSTS ARE EQUIPPED WITH TRANSPARENT GLASS FIBER ROOF! It is mounted over the wooden roof, so all the beauty of the wood fiber remains visible!

The strongest wood material on the market.

Extremely beautiful material, polished and with beautiful, elegant ribs. – outer layer thickness 12 mm – very easy to assemble and disassemble – very precise joint (in mm), without heat loss, without wind, without expansion of the material. -the roof can be folded, thus facilitating access to the interior.

Dimensions and sketch:

Length 1240mm – width 880mm – height 1130mm – innovative product on the Romanian and EU market.

– product packed in a box, with a simple assembly sketch, it can be assembled in two minutes without tools. -receive a package consisting of easily assembled panels.

We can say that we use the most resistant material and that we have the easiest to mount the cage on the market, guaranteed!

The roof is foldable in a few seconds facilitates sanitation, disinsection, etc.

This duck cot is engraved with specific elegant motifs, bone, paw print.

Transparent, moisture-resistant fiberglass membrane is applied over the wooden roof. You receive the cage in two packages, made of panels very easy to assemble.

The complementary pieces will strengthen the cage in a surprising way.

The result is a modern cage, easy to assemble, very resistant and elegant.

We are proud of this project and we had only good thoughts and words from customers.

We guarantee the quality of our product -. A resistant product and at the same time, pampered.

It can be washed with water jet, it is perfectly combined, each product is impeccable in quality, to the millimeter, without errors. Two-year warranty.