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Montana Hen Coop


Montana Hen coop is a hen coop with a single chicken hatch and it is our smallest model. The nest can be moved on the left or on the right side as needed. The door is situated on the top part and facilitates the egg collection and sanitation. At the bottom part there is a zinc plated drawer which can be extracted to facilitate cleaning. The hen coop’s door is supported by anti-corrosive hinges and the closure is done by a latch.



Hen coop :

The hen coop ‘s capacity is of 8 chickens and it has two doors: the front one that facilitates the cleaning of the coop and a back one that serves as an entrance ramp for the chickens.

Exterior Dimensions  without the chicken nest– Length 950mm, Width 1025mm and Height 1186mm.

Chicken nest dimensions – Length 873mmmm, Width 431mm and Height 462mm.

Total Width with the chicken nest  is 1025+431=1456.

Montana  is part of our premium class and it is made of solid birch wood –  12 mm.

Superior net benefits from material stratified hen coop

  • Mechanical Benefits: the panels are more durable, easy to assemble
  • Higher thermal and sound isolation that lead to greater egg production.
  • Easier to Maintain: facilitates the sanitation of the coop on the inside

The hen coop is made using CNC performing machines, the cutting is assisted and computerized, eliminating any errors, the product being practically perfectly cut. This offer a longer wood life and the possible water infiltration is reduced.The ventilation chicken -cut windows on panels ,provides  controlled-environment coop air flow.

Our Premium Class hen coop perfectly combines the wood panel classical beauty with the technology of stratification and computerized cutting. For this reason, we offer 2 years extended warranty!
The assembly  is simple, and it is made in a few easy steps according to the sketch that you will receive together with the product.Assembly here:[product-gallery]/11
The  weight is about 55 kg and the package contain easy-to-build panels, zinc-plated screws and the rest of the accessories, highest quality, give your hens comfort!

Additional information

Weight 56 kg
Dimensions 100 × 25 × 120 cm


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