Mandarin duck house

Mandarin duck cage, made of laminated wood. This duck box is made of birch laminated wood 12mm outside.

The material from which the duck house is made is of the best quality used for boats.

Also, the boxes for mandarin duck house that we manufacture are cut with high-performance equipment for perfect joints. Through this process we ensure a good insulation inside.

Sketches and assembly of mandarin duck cage:

The design of the house is a modern one that has its place in any elegant garden.

The assembly is extremely simple and is very easy, without screws, nails or tools. The duck house has the exterior dimension of 678x675x509.

The interior space is 505×375 mm. The interior space has been designed so that there is room for straw or hay as bedding. It is delimited in two rooms with access hole.

The weight is about 11 kg, thus reflecting the quality of the material. The duck house has a folding roof in a few seconds, thus facilitating its hygiene, placing the bedding inside, disinfecting, etc.

Also the hinged roof is very useful in case the rate boils. The access hole is located above the inner platform.