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Pigeon loft with Breeding Boxes and Grain Storage


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Dimensions: width 1571mm, length 1500mm, Height 1483mm. All our birdspigeon cages are equipped with protective fiberglass foil on the roofs, including on the roofs of nests, over the wooden roof. The thickness of the panel is 12mm stratified birch wood certified outdoor, bfu 100 bonding. Weight about 90kg! Capacity 12 pigeons minimum on rest places in “v” +  4 places per nest. Our pigeon loft with breedingboxes is the best equipped model on the market, the complete kit of the amateur or professional pigeon breeder. Easily assembled pigeon house, made of high quality, durable materials. This pigeon satisfies all the requirements of the breeder.It is a modern, elegant pigeon home, which combines easy use and maintenance with the comfort of your pigeons. A premium product, made in Romania!

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pigeon loft

The pigeon loft wood house with breeding boxes and grain storage “Columba” is a complete product that also has a grain storage room sufficient for two bags of cereals.

This grain storage facilitates a convenient care of your pigeons.

The grain storage has a folding roof and is perfectly joined, protected from rain or rodents.

The pigeon cage with breeding boxes “Columba” is an elegant pigeon loft, very well ventilated.

It was designed with famous pigeons owners, taking into account their advice and recommendations.

All the pieces are easily assembled.[product-gallery]/15

They were designed to complement in a unique, practical way by the registered trademark Garden wood A&S.

Also the sketch is simple, intuitive and makes the assembly an interactive children’s play.

The interior of this pigeon home is spacious.

It can easily accommodate 20 pigeons on the walls, in the “V” shaped rests that are mounted on the walls.

In the package you also receive 12 “v” shaped rests, handmade, elegant, made of laminated plywood.

Also inside this pigeon house, at the bottom, there is an extractable drawer made of stainless steel.

Advantage off all in one

This drawer is used from the exterior of the cage, for an easy cleaning.

On the side of the birdhouse is a large door with zinc-plated lock and vents.

It have plasticized mesh that prevents the penetration of rodents.

This door is the access inside the pigeon house.

Remove the cleaning drawer from the outside to avoid stepping on it.

Open the door and enter inside the “clean” for maximum hygiene.

On one side are the breeding boxes or storage places.

They are 4, two on the upper floor and two on the lower one.

All the boxes have access both inside the pigeon through the semi-round doors with bolt and from the outside as follows:

Boxes from the lower floor can be accessed from the outside through the two doors located above the drawers.

These doors have aesthetic cutouts in the shape of a pigeon.-

Boxes from the upper floor can be accessed from outside the pigeon loft by lifting the foldable roof of the speakers.

In conclusion, the access to the breeding and storage boxes is very easy, both for the pigeons and for the breeder, meaning our client.

Both floors with breeding boxes are equipped with extractable drawers to keep the place clean and also with grates where you can  place bowls, water..etc.

Best off the  stratified

The cut-offs, in the form of pigeons, are located on the exterior doors but also on the sides of the breeding boxes.

This ensures optimal ventilation and a healthy environment for reproduction.

At the same time, the ventilation of the pigeon loft is very good.

The vents being located in key points to ensure the necessary ventilation.

For this purpose, the aim was to create a dry, healthy environment for the inhabitants of the house: pigeons.

All exterior roofs are provided with fiberglass foil and screws.

For the environment, keeping the wood in the best possbile condition is a priority for us in everything we do.

In the front of this pigeons cage, above the name “COLUMBA”, the flight compartment is attached.

Easy to use

This compartment is equipped with green plasticized plasma anti-rodents.

Also, the roof is made of super-transparent “ultraclear” pvc.

The access of the pigeons in this compartment opens to the front.

The opening is necessary for the outside, with no need to enter the inside of the pigeon loft.

Lifting the roof of the flight compartment that is provided with transparent foil.

Also, the release of the pigeons for the flight can be done by liftin folding the main roof of the pigeon or on the large door.

So the flight can be done on three access routes.

On one of the two doors of the flight compartment is a pvc tube of 45 degrees.

After the flight by the pigeons, when returning, the hole “trap” can be used.

In this way, the pigeons will enter the cage and they will not be able to leave, offering comfort of the user and reducing stress level for the pigeons.

This is our number 1 goal.This flight compartment is very important. He has other uses:

It is the ideal place for a “sun bath” that helps the natural solar vitaminization of the pigeons.

Due to the very good visibility, it helps the pigeons to become familiar with the environment and to ensure the possible dangers – the ideal place before the flight.


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