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rabbit hutch with enclosed run


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Uniquely designed rabbit cage, with extraction and cleaning drawer, thick stainless steel mesh and large hinges. Folding roof in seconds and doors on all levels, gives ease of use and extremely fast assembly. Made in Romania!

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Rabbit hutch with enclosed run:

-with modern, unique design enclosed run and  engraved elements. Capacity is 4 -5 rabbits.

This cage has:

-an upper floor which in turn is divided into two parts -one for sleeping and a room with access hole to the stairs from where it can descend to the lower level.

-a lower level-where the rabbit can go down in the grass, where it will stay in the shade in summer. Also at this level there is a gate on the side of access with beautiful cutouts.

The mesh is thick, steel and stainless 1mm thick and is on three sides. The dimensions of the mesh are 25mmx25mm.

The cage has two front doors with nut-feder cutouts that give the doors tightness.

Large black hinges offer durability over time. The cage has cleaning drawers that can be removed from the outside.

It is also provided with a ladder on which the rabbit can move between floors.

On request, the partition panel between the rooms can be supplemented with an interior door so that the eventual can have privacy.

Cage dimensions:

On the side there is a fence with nets measuring 1000mm x 1000mm 600mm and has access through the door at the end and from the cage on the door with which the cage is provided.

Width mm Length mm Height mm Exteriors 1011 1239 1245 Interiors 860 1052 1235

Rabbit cage with fence advantages:

Mechanical – the panels are more resistant, ease of assembly Easier to maintain, it facilitates the hygiene of the hut inside .

The rabbit hut is cut with high-performance CNC type equipment, the cutting being computer-assisted and performed, thus eliminating any errors, the product being practically perfect in terms of cuts.

Perfect cuts = longer life by reducing possible infiltrations. Our Premium class of logs combines the beauty of classic wood with computerized layering and cutting technology.

For this reason we offer an extended warranty for 2 years! The assembly of the cage is simple and is done according to the sketch that you will receive together with the product.

The weight of the cage is about 55 kg and the package will consist of easy to assemble panels, galvanized screws and the rest of the accessories.

The rabbit hut is of the best quality. Incomparable in size, comfort, capacity, quality with similar products from Asia in the same price range.

Offer the maximum of your rabbits, living in a natural shelter and they will reward you.


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