Transilvania is a chicken coop with two nesting boxes. The hens coop capacity is  18-20 gaini chickens including the capacity of the nesting boxes (6 places). This is the largest hencoop with fence and t is very easy to build in only 5 minutes. The innovative system without screws, without dilations and errors made using the latest compute technology.  Our quality is guaranteed, the panels are thick and durable, the hencoop weighting near 100 kg. This heavy weight reflects the quality of the product.

It has two doors: the front one that serves as an entrance ramp for the chickens and a side door with a window facilitates the sanitization.   The hencoop’s doors are supported by anti-corrosive hinges and the closure is done by a latch.

Dimensions – Height 155,2 cm and Width 142.2 cm

Transilvania Hen coop is part of our premium class and it is made of solid birch wood 12 – mm.

The hen coop has It has ahatch located on the back side and with a mobile top door which facilitates the egg collection and sanitization.

The front door is cut into the nut-feder system and it closes hermetically.

Superior net benefits:

  • Mechanical Benefits: the panels are more durable, easy to assemble
  • Higher Thickness: total 12mm! Higher thermal and sound isolation that lead to greater egg production.
  • Easier to Maintain: facilitates the sanitation of the coop on the inside

The hen coop is made using CNC performing machines, the cutting is assisted and computerized, eliminating any errors, the product being practically perfectly cut. This offer a longer wood life and the possible water infiltration is reduced.

Our Premium Class hen coop perfectly combines the wood panel classical beauty with the technology of stratification and computerized cutting. For this reason, we offer 2 years extended warranty!

The assembly of the hen coop is simple, and it is made in a few easy steps according to the sketch that you will receive together with the product.

The hen coop’s weight is about 90 kg and the package contain easy-to-build panels.the Transilvania hen coop can be used for raising chickens.

The wire fence has the size of 2m long with 1m width and 1m height. It is made of anti-corrosive plastered steel mesh, hinges on each panel. The access door with lock. Each panel is provided with legs.