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Wood Meteorological Shelter


Professional meteorological shelter Garden Wood A & S for weather stations. This meteorological shelter was designed by the team of engineers at Garden Wood and is manufactured entirely in Romania.


Meteorological Shelter

Meteorological Shelter .We use only quality materials such as layered birch wood, Polyurethane paints with UV protection and the cuts are perfectly made with cnc type machine, without any errors.


This meteorological shelter is made of made of panels easy to install, using a system without nails in order to eliminate the eventual infiltration of the water. By this method, the life of the shelter has been increased. The laminated birch wood is weather-resistant, elastic and resistant to high or low temperatures. Also, before being painted with two-layer UV- elastic polyurethane paint, we apply a polyurethane wood sealing primer. Using this method, the meteorological shelter is completely sealed and protected.

The shelter has a double front door with gaskets that is easy use by the meteorologist. The door has hinges and locks that are anti-corrosion treated. The double roof and has ventilation slits located in ideal places and it is covered with transparent glass fiber that does not influence the white color of the shelter. The fiberglass is also cut with cnc machine and is larger than the wooden roof with a few cm, by this method the fiberglass is an efficient dripper preventing the leakage of the water in the shelter. Inside the shelter, there are four mesh lids that can be easily removed. The price doesn’t include the metal ladder support. Manufacturing time, 1-2 weeks.[product-gallery]/9




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