Premium Wooden pigsty describes

For this wooden pig house wooden pigsty ,  we used quality materials , 12mm layered birch, anti-corrosion hinges, thick antioxidant net.

The capacity of the cage is 2-3 Vietnamese pigs. The cottage has a large door with ventilation that facilitates cleaning inside.

The large door allows easy entry inside, and the doors of the cottage are supported by anti-corrosion treated hinges and with a locking lock.

Exterior dimensions

– Length 1069mm, Width 1140mm, Height 1483 Interior dimensions Length 985, Width 939, Height 1483


It is mounted over the wooden roof, so all the beauty of the wood fiber remains visible! Laminated birch wood is the best outdoor wood on the market.

This wooden pigsty is cut with high-performance CNC type equipment, the cutting being computer-assisted and performed, thus eliminating any errors, the product being practically perfect in terms of cuts.

Perfect cuts = longer life by reducing possible infiltrations.

Our Premium class of logs combines the beauty of classic wood with layering technology, computerized cutting and modern design.

For this reason we offer an extended warranty for 2 years! The assembly of the cage is simple and is done according to the sketch that you will receive together with the product.

The weight of the cage is about 60kg and will consist of panels easy to assemble according to the innovative technology patented by our team.

We guarantee very easy installation in a few minutes without effort.

We can say that it is a pleasant product to assemble. The pig househouse is of the best quality, the weight of the package is reflected by the density of the material.